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Regal Rexes

of Texas

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Our Story

Hi there! We are Chaz and Zoe of Regal Rexes. We run a small, closed cattery in our East Texas home where we breed the Devon Rex exclusively as a hobby. While we only have a limited amount of kittens in the year, each kitten is well socialized and deeply loved.


We think it would be beneficial for anyone out there considering a Devon Rex to hear our story. We are so happy we decided to enter the world of Devons and we know you will be too! It all started (rippling flashback) with a strong desire for a cat but not being able to have one due to our significantly severe allergy to them. My husband's contact photo for me at one point was of me swollen-faced with runny eyes and nose sitting in a chair petting cats in my lap. 


I tried to ignore the desire of a cat for several years but to no avail. I decided to do some research on "hypoallergenic" cats that don't shed- a tall order to fill, but it was only to prove to myself that a cat like that didn't really exist. To my surprise, I found a handful of cat breeds that were less allergy-igniting. However, only a few of them really interested me. As I continued with my research, I got more emboldened to share my findings with the head of the house, whose general answer had been "No." up to that point. 


I showed him the LaPerm, Sphynx, Cornish Rex and finally the Devon Rex. I personally love Sphynx cats and was ready to work my most sparkling puppy-or kitten eyes to get one. But deep down something just wasn't satisfying me about the Sphynx. As we talked it out, we agreed that it was the fur! That led me to the other options.


The appearance of the Cornish Rex wasn't really our taste, so we marked that one out rather quickly. Finally, it came down to the LaPerm and Devon Rex. He gave me the assignment to do more research and bring back my findings. I could tell he was starting to get excited too! As I followed instructions, I noticed my searching become more and more biased towards the Devon Rex, especially after I came to learn more about the breed standards, breed qualities and the temperament which was said to be dog-like. Having been a previous dog couple, it was a no-brainer. I also found that the LaPerm still sheds a decent amount, so that was the clincher!


We got our first princess from a retiring breeder and were hooked. She was everything we dreamed a Devon Rex would be and found that cats are like potato chips- you can't have just one! So we got 2 more and from then on it's been an exciting journey and we hope to share the same life-changing experiences with you and your family!

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The Devon Rex

We have found the Devon Rex breed to be very intelligent. We've taught our adult cats not to go in the kitchen or jump on countertops.


They are a short-haired breed that features waves or even curls. Every cat sheds, but the Devon Rex is the least shedding cat (besides Sphynx of course) we've ever encountered. On top of that, better quality food helps cut down even further with shedding! We feed our adult cats 
Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Grain-Free Salmon Recipe Dry Cat Food
with the occasional addition of Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, probiotics, enzymes and L-lysine. Our kittens are fed Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Loaf and Purina Pro Plan Chicken, and Egg Recipe kitten food. Their coats are full with a sheen and their eyes sparkle in the light!

The Devon Rex has been known to be somewhat of a mixture between a cat, dog, and bird. Their personalities range anywhere from mellow and quiet to more vocal and affectionately clingy. We've had both extremes and in-between. When doing our research, we came to find that some of them will sit on your shoulders and we were blessed to have one that did just that! While you're working on the computer, reading, or just coming over for a visit, your shoulder is considered a viable perching spot!

Devon Rexes are also impressive jumpers, so be sure to have cat trees and other areas for your cat to show off their amazing jumping skills. They are also keen to warm spots, so if you're planning on creating a specific cat room in your house, be sure that there's plenty of sunlight!


They can be beggars. It's hard, but DO NOT be tempted beyond your breaking point! Never feed your cat food that is not part of their daily diet of cat food. Feeding them foreign foods can be harmful to their digestive tract and can cause some serious allergies, inflammation, discomfort, and poo all over the place!

These cats are people-oriented, playful, and love attention, so get ready for your new snuggle-buddy!

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