Frequently Asked Questions

Am I getting a hypoallergenic cat?


The short answer is no because there's really no such thing. All cats produce saliva and in it is found the protein Fel D1. This is what we are allergic to and yes I mean we. The crazy thing is that my husband and I are both pretty allergic to most cats. However, there are very few breeds that cause us to have such minor allergic reactions. The Devon Rex just happened to be our favorite one! So if you are allergic to cats, chances are that you will have a much milder allergic reaction to this breed. To read our story click here!


*Does my kitten come with a health guarantee?*


Absolutely! All of our kittens come with a 1-year genetic health guarantee. Parents are tested for over 15 genetic diseases/disorders and kittens are confirmed to be in good health at the time of purchase. However, it will be the responsibility of the purchaser to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours to confirm this. Within that 72 hour period, if found to be seriously medically deficient for some reason, we will take the kitten back and refund the asking price of the kitten including the deposit. If there is no confirmation of said visit, and you are later to find the kitten unhealthy (certificate of health and visit receipt must be provided) your health guarantee will not be acknowledged. So get your kitty checked out within 3 days of purchase!


Will you sell an in-tact kitten? 

Please contact us directly for our most current answer!


Can you ship my kitten?

While we prefer to meet our kitten’s new family in person, we may ship them to your closest airport (within the contiguous United States) for an additional $350 fee. Be aware that this decision is subject to change at any time prior to deposit payment. Due to a major headache in the past, we will arrange the flight and give you the available options to choose from.


Are your prices firm?

Our prices are pretty solid. We love our cats and are thrilled to see how each kitten will grow physically and in personality. We spoil them from the moment we can touch them and make the mistake of getting too close and growing attached. For this reason, we are comforted to know that money isn't an issue for the potential new family. Not only do we absolutely long for a household that will spoil them rotten, but these are exotic cats and require more attention than your average tom. Food is more expensive, vet visits are more frequent, grooming, vitamins, and supplements for preventative care and plenty of play-things to keep your cat stimulated name a few no-budge costs. So if you’re asking us to lower the price, that’s an immediate red flag and we won't hesitate to flex our "right to refuse service" muscle here.


Do you offer stud services?


Hmmm….maybe. There’s got to be several things that line up for us to go through with that. If this is something that interests you, please message us directly for our most current response.

If any of your questions or concerns were not answered, feel free to contact us here!