Our Breeders


Nami is our most affectionate cat. She's the epitome of a Devon Rex. She will perch on your shoulder, have a full engaging conversation with you, think that all of your food and drink are hers and she's only generously sharing with you at the moment, stop at nothing to kill the blanket monster, attack any toes she sees from under the bed, follow you into every room-including the bathroom....especially the bathroom, lay with/or on you for the full duration of your relaxation period, play with the mystery thing off the floor for hours at a time and love you unconditionally. She is the perfect cat.

She is an amazing mother to her kittens and makes my job very easy when they are born. We couldn't have been more blessed with this queen.

Our cats are regularly tested for FRCVP, FIV, FeLV and have tested NEGATIVE.

Nami is registered with TICA.