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What You Should Know

What does Regal Rexes want from you?

We expect all of our clients to have a measure of knowledge regarding the nature, anatomy, price, and health concerns of the Devon Rex breed. We understand that some are exactly how we were when first discovering the Devon Rex breed and that is completely new. However, before we even thought about preparing to make one a part of our family, we did extensive research. And sometimes yes, that requires you to ask the breeder several questions- which we are ready to oblige. What we ask is: If you have reserves or doubts of any kind about our kittens, DO NOT request to move forward to ANY sort of payment process. We aim to work with people who know what they want and have found that in our kittens. We absolutely love our cats and DO NOT want to feel regret about placing our kittens in a home that doesn't feel honored to have them. We cannot stress this enough. So ask questions, request updated photos frequently, and do your research!

Holds and Reservations


We have really tried to be flexible and accommodate clients in the past. But due to some abuse of our kindness, we are now becoming a bit more rigid on this. If you've got a big move coming up, a family member in the hospital, impending pregnancy, or anything else that's significantly warring for your constant attention, please wait for a more convenient time to look for a kitten. Not only is that just a better environment for the kitten (because they are able to pick up on your anxiety) but it saves us BOTH a headache when making arrangements. A well-known ancient book says, "A wise person sees the danger and conceals himself, but the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.".....please be wise for everyone involved. With that said, this is our policy. If you inquire about a cat, no matter how excited or perfect your family is for the kitten, or how promising our conversation has been- We cannot hold/reserve a kitten for you. There is no unspoken mutual agreement to hold the kitten under any circumstance. We cannot reserve a kitten unless a deposit is made.


How can I ensure that I reserve a kitten before anyone else? 

Wellll, you can't.....But you also can? Since we're instantly attached to the kittens at their birth and it only gets stronger as they grow, we have our own personal requirements for each kitten that we're looking for in applicants. We choose the potential new family based on compatibility with the kitten that we know intimately. Which means- WE DO NOT DO WAITLISTS. Circumstances change over the months and my head can barely stay attached, so there's no way we're going to remember everyone's story! The description profiles we provide on the website are just the surface of their personalities, so we look for those key qualities and wants that you have to match up with our babies! So just be open and honest about who you are and what you want in your new kitten when sending a kitten request message! I promise you, you'll have a better chance! Please understand our choices are not only in the best interest of the kitten but also for you! When a potential new owner is chosen, they will be notified by us and further arrangements will ensue. You'll know when a kitten is no longer available when the word "RESERVED" or "SOLD" appears at the bottom of their profile photo. If by some strange miracle that chosen potential owner can no longer take in a baby, that will be removed and they will be made available again. We make all of our announcements through Instagram so stay tuned-in there for any updates that will be later posted here!

Please don't be dead set on a kitten based on their exact colorings and coat pattern.

Kitten's coats and eye color can change dramatically from the first photo you've seen of them here to when they're fully developed as an adult. A kitten may be born with light white-colored fur and the next thing you know, colored stripes start to fade in. Or you may see that a kitten is lacking in fur/waves or even have plenty of waves as a kitten- THAT CAN CHANGE! We have seen it go both ways. So we beg you, please don't choose a kitten based on their kitten coat and eye color alone. Below is the perfect example!

Remember Tipz? (now named Lucy) This is her now. Feel old yet? (lol) All jokes aside though. Yes, this is the same cat! Notice how her coat has completely transformed! You could only faintly see a little pigment on her face as a kitten and virtually nothing on her trunk, but the color really developed as an adult! Also, her eyes are a very icy blue-gray in her kitten photo but have developed into a color that isn't the same as an adult.


​And our Spooky! He was our naked mole-rat boy that barely had any fur as a kitten! And what fur he did have was fairly straight with patches of wave. But look at him now! When searching for breeding cats I was very skeptical of: "Wait until they're about a year old and the waves will be fully noticeable." But when I witnessed this with my own eyes, I became a believer!



If any of your questions or concerns were not answered, feel free to contact us here!

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