Our Breeders


Haiba is our Russian king-boy. We fell in love with him as soon as we saw him and we were delighted to find that he rarely meows, but coos like a dove! His intelligence is mind-blowing, he loves to lay on you or be making some sort of bodily contact and he will burrow himself under the blankets and peek his little head out to make sure you're not leaving. In that case, he needs to find out where you're going so he can come too! He'll engage you in conversation, loves to be scratched under the chin and looks for any opportunity to be in your lap. He has the most quirky random behavior that just makes him so lovable with his angry little face!

Our cats are regularly tested for FRCVP, FIV, FeLV and have tested NEGATIVE.

Haiba registered with TICA and has an impressive pedigree!